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His Grace, Fr. Robert Vianna

Father Robert has been a healer since 1992, and is the Director of The Christ's Threshold Healing Center.

He is empowered to perform the Old Latin Rite of Exorcism, and serves God in answer to the apostolic injunction to heal the sick and cast out demons found in the Book of Matthew (Chapter 10).

Fr. Robert believes that all things, including health, are possible with God.

He practices healing by laying on hands, a method of healing that's a lot like the kind of healing called Reiki in Japan or Chi in China. Fr. Robert believes that this, sometimes called energy healing, is an effective technique for returning to wellness. When it's combined with prayer, it's powers are limited only by the faith of the person being healed. Faith is more than just believing, it's a feeling. Fr. Robert has built C.H.T.C. around his desire to make a sense of faith easy to find in our healing center.

Our chapel is at the center of our rectory, as prayer is at the center of Fr. Robert's life.

You can reach Fr. Robert by phone at this number:

Phone: (330) 949-6904


We are located in Massilon, Ohio.


We are located in Massilon, Ohio.


Ecclesiastical Information: Our Bishop, His Grace, Fr. Robert Vianna, was ordained a priest in 1996, and as a Bishop in 2009, by plenipotentiaries of the Old Latin Rite of the Nestorian and Utrecht Union, formed in 1889. Disclaimer: The Old Latin Rite is not to be confused with, and is not affiliated with, the Roman Catholic Church or Eastern Rite Churches.