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C.H.T.C. is a spiritual healing center. We are dedicated to the use of prayer to achieve wellness. We know that most people who come to a spiritual healer do so only after they have failed to find the healing they need from ordinary doctors, and we invite the tough cases to come to us. We are not a substitute for professional medical care, and we never advise anyone to stop their allopathic treatments. We say YES to prayer, not NO to medication. We encourage the use of herbal medicines, alternative wellness techniques, and traditional spiritual healing methods, but more importantly, we believe that God is the source of all healing.

Our director,
Fr. Robert Hartman, has been a healer for 20 years, and has a very high rate of success.
Up until now, the Christ's Healing Threshold Center has only been open to a small group of people, but after much testing, our programs, including the Healing Center, are being opened to the public, and available to people of all religions, including people without religious beliefs. Spirituality is to be found in the heart, not in opinions.

We can offer overnight accommodations, complete with kitchen, bath and a private chapel for prayer. One can also stay at the nearby Hampton Inn. We ask only that each person make a donation. There is no set fee, and each can donate as they choose.

Our services and programs are paid for by free will donations of any amount. These help defray our operating costs, and further our research. We believe that tithing is an act of virtue that affirms ones commitment to spiritual cleansing and the cultivation of a godly life.

From the domain of science, we use methods discovered by Dr. Raymond Moody, a leading researcher in life after death and near-death experiences. Its an inventive synthesis of elements of religious and scientific theories intertwined together for communicating with those living in another dimension. This could be your loved ones who have died and yes, even angels and saints. Contacting your loved ones through meditative prayer, even when its coupled with science happens only with Gods permission; for all things are possible with God and very little is possible without Him. We also use the Shakti 8 Coil system by neuroscientist Todd Murphy; a technology related to the well-known God Helmet, seen on many television documentaries. We are deeply convinced of it's effectiveness, no matter what anyone says. We were happy to hear that one of the experiments has been duplicated by independent researchers.

At C.H.T.C., our methods are not like Ouija boards or séances. Instead, each is a step taken towards the unique and very personal experience of finding inner tranquility and peace in a blissful of union with God the creator (contemplatio).

C.H.T.C. creates an amazing atmosphere, and many are surprised by the extremely high success (about 80%) of our program. Although not all have the same religious beliefs or come the same domination, our belief in God as the supreme creator is the foundation of our creed, and we suggest it to all.

We have also found that this belief is extremely beneficial towards healings of the mind, body and spirit. Thus a healing center has been born at the P.R.A.X.T.S. location. We believe that science is one of the ways God has chosen to reveal himself and his will to the world. We here at P.R.A.X.T.S. strongly encourage using the Shakti 8 Coil system, a magnetic tool from neuroscience. We also endorse Dr. Raymond Moody’s books and videos about Near-Death Experiences, including his landmark title life after life.

The C.H.T.C. is an outgrowth of P.R.A.X.T.S., the Paranormal Research and Exorcism Team Society. P.R.A.X.T.S. is a team of spiritual workers who carry out exorcisms using the ancient Latin Rite of Exorcism. I, Fr. Robert Hartman (Bp.), am empowered to perform this ritual by virtue of an Orthodox Ordination in 2009. Our team does this in remembrance of Christ's injunction to cast out demons and heal the sick.

Just as Jesus Christ returned from the dead to those on earth, so can the spirits of our loved ones who have died. The living that have died in spirit, mind or through illnesses of the body, can also return to wholeness. This is done through 3 virtues – belief, faith and trust:

Belief – that God can make anyone whole, for all things are possible with God.

Faith – that God is the supreme creator and everything is under his control.

Trust – that God can communicate by any method or way he chooses.

To my knowledge, we here at P.R.A.X.T.S. and the C.H.T.C. are the only religious group with beliefs drawn from paranormal research, neuroscience, and the perennial wisdom of the apostles of Our Savior, Jesus Christ; the Son of God.

Contact us on one of our websites or call (330) 949-6904.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Robert

Phone: (330) 949-6904


Legal Disclaimer: No statements about our methods, including prayer, have been evaluated by the US Government’s Food and Drug Agency (FDA). Our procedures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ecclesiastical Information: Our Bishop, His Grace, Fr. Robert Vianney, was ordained a priest in 1996, and as a Bishop in 2009, by plenipotentiaries of the Old Latin Rite of the Nestorian and Utrecht Union, formed in 1889. Disclaimer: The Old Latin Rite is not to be confused with, and is not affiliated with, the Roman Catholic Church or Eastern Rite Churches.